• To work towards achieving the vitality of communities



  • To educate stakeholders about the issues related to environmental sustainability
  • To bring innovations and initiatives in environmental sciences together
  • Providing professional development to corporations and communities regarding environmental awareness and adaptation/progressive strategies
  • Greening the GTA and surrounding areas (municipally, provincially, nationally, internationally) with innovative environmental ideas and solutions
  • Researching social impacts of environmental issues for future analysis
  • Outreaching and partnering with affiliated organizations for capacity building on environmental sustainable solutions



Environmental Auditing, Environmental Research and Development, Environmental Innovation/ Initiatives, Environmental Outreach, Community Partnership Building, Effects of Climate Change, Training, Environmental Systems Management (ESM), Environmental Social Impact Research


Respect for the Environment 





Thirst for Knowledge 


Human Centered Approaches


Preservation and Conservation

Standard of Excellence

Servant Leadership

Shared Value

Optimization and Effectiveness

Equality and Accessability


Citizen Empowerment/Community Involvement


Collaboration and Creativity

Capital Investing

Learning and Development



  • Building respect for the environment based on preservation and conservation; providing a secure environment
  • Achieving optimal partnerships and performance built on integrity and honesty
  • Producing results through accountability and transparency
  • Setting standards of excellence through Capital Investment of human-centered approaches with fairness, equality and accessibility
  • Efficiently respond to shifting issues through open communication with stakeholders
  • Effective servant leadership through citizen empowerment and community Involvement founded on shared passion and values
  • Promote research, learning and development through a constant thirst for environmental knowledge and awareness with a creative and collaborative construct that is solution generating








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Sajjad Din-Director of Environmental Analysis (Chief Technical Officer)

Sajjad Din, MSc, PG, PGeo, QP is an environmental professional, Geo-Scientist and professor with over 20 years of experience in government, academia and industry.  His education and qualifications include a diverse area of study such as chemistry, physics, geology, hydrology and mathematical modelling.  He is a licensed professional geologist (United States) and a registered professional geoscientist (Canada) with graduate degrees in geo-physics and geology (environmental).  His main areas of focus in his consulting practice include site assessments and investigations, environmental compliance, waste management, environmental health and safety, in site environmental remediation using chemical oxidants and other technologies.  Furthermore as a College Professor and Instructor, his areas of teaching include environmental remediation, sampling of various media, environmental management, geo-science, water treatment and environmental site assessments.  Additionally, in Canada he is a “qualified person” as defined by Ontario Regulation 153/04 of the Environmental Protection Act.  Most importantly, Mr. Din has environmental field activities, site coordination and project management (surface water, groundwater, and soil) experience in Canada, the United States and South Asia.  Sajjad has an understanding of both business and science which would be beneficial to the overall technical aspects of the organization in his capacity as DIRECTOR, Technical.  

Throughout his career, Sajjad has been involved in cutting edge projects including infrastructure, environmental remediation, site assessments, development and research projects.  Some of his employers, clients and partners for these projects have included the following:

- FERRO Canada  (5 acres, $1,000,000)

- Dutch Embassy of Pakistan (25 acres, $5,000,000)

- Greenpeace (3 acres, $50,000)

- Sustainable Policy Development Institute (3 acres, $50,000)

- SUNGI (50 acres, $100,000)

- Quad-I-Azam University, Department of Geo-Physics (50 sq km, $10,000)

- City of Orlando, Florida (1 acre, $250,000)

- Orange County Environmental Protection Division (2 acres, $500,000)

- Friends of Wekiva River (50 acres, Pro bono)

- Florida Department of Environmental Protection (2 acres, $500,000)

- Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (50 acres, $20,000)

- University of Windsor, Department of Earth Sciences (50 acres, $10,000)

- US Department of Defense (2 acres,  $10,000)

- Lockheed Martin (2 acres,  $10,000)

- Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

- Exxon Mobil (2 acres, $500,000)

- BP Oil (2 acres, $500,000)

- CAPREIT (1 acre, $180,000)

- City of Toronto (1 acre, $10,000)

- Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (5 acres, $30,000)

- Regional Municipality of York (20 acres, $150,000)

- Regional Municipality of Durham (2 acres, $250,000)

- Golder Associates (2 acres, $500,000)

- SNC-Lavalin (5 acres, $250,000)

- Ministry of Transportation (3 acres, $50,000)

- Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology (3 acres, $15,000)

- Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (40 acres, $5,000,000)

- Handex Consulting and Remediation (5 acres, $25,000)

- CN Rail (4 acres, $150,000)

- Metrolinx

- Nortel Networks (15 acres, $10,000,000)

- Loblaws (4 acres, $10,000)

- Morguard (2 acres, $100,000)


 Memberships held by Sajjad:

  • Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario
  • Florida Board of Professional Geologists


List of Projects Conducted by Sajjad:

- Sea world and Walt Disney world

- Hurricane Jeanie Response and Relief 2004, Central Florida

- WDW Magic Kingdom Water treatment, Orlando, Florida

- Pan Am Games preparation site remediation, Toronto, Ontario

- Environmental Assessment sampling for wind farms Prince Edward County, Ontario

- MOECC Environmental Compliance Approvals, Ontario, Ontario

- Allai Khwar Hydropower Plant, Northern Areas, Pakistan 

- Bosicor Oil Refinery, Sindh, Pakistan

- York Region TRANSIT EXPANSION, York Region, Ontario

- Waste Audit Centennial College Morningside Campus, Toronto, Ontario

- Surface Water Quality Modelling of Lake St. Clair River System, Windsor/Detroit, Ontario/Michigan

- Durham Region Courthouse, Oshawa, Ontario

- Groundwater Modelling Upper Indus Valley, Punjab, Pakistan

- Exploration of glacier and source water Spat Gah, Central Asia

- Remediaton of VOC impacted groundwater in fractured bedrock, Belleville, Ontario